Dirk Maximus
a monster murder mystery
by Sean Carner

Our cast so far...

Unidentified Man

The Mystery begins

This man was murdered in a cemetery by a shadowy figure. Who is he? Why did he have to die?

Creepy Silhouette

The Killer

This mysterious silhouette was the last thing the murdered man would ever see.


Sleuth without a partner

Dirk trained as Becker’s private investigation partner growing up; with Becker retiring, it’s Dirk’s turn in the driver’s seat. But does he want the wheel?


Neighbor and childhood friend

Emily is navigating the perils and pitfalls of today’s office workplace. Becker got her a flat in his office building, so now she enjoys catching up with Dirk about detective work.

Marguerite Becker

“Are you eating right, dear?”

Ma and James Becker raised Dirk. Now that Dirk has moved out, they are both contemplating how much support and space he needs.

James Becker

Former Partner

A police officer before becoming a P.I., Becker has taught Dirk everything he knows. Dirk has taken over the biz, but Becker still keeps an eye on things.