Dirk Maximus
a monster murder mystery
by Sean Carner

Storefronts (2018-03-20)

I’m drawing a scene taking place in the street outside Dirk’s office, and I’ve finally given in and started drawing buildings across the street and down the block.

However, this is exhausting. And repetitive; I’ve drawn the front of Dirk’s office building approximately 7,000 times now.

I saw an artist on Twitter using a neat trick and decided to use it too. Instead of drawing these buildings again and again, I can draw one head-on view of buildings, and then skew them into perspective in each panel. I’ll still have to draw some dimensionality into it, such as steps, fences, window and door frames, but I think it could save a lot of time in the future when drawing complex backgrounds like this. I should even be able to build the flat colors into these designs to save even more time.